About Us


We founded Highway 9 Networks to bring the power of the cloud to enterprise mobility…for the first time ever.

Specifically, we leveraged several advances in private mobile technology including availability of free spectrum, multi-eSIM support and private 5G, and combined them with our founding team’s deep cloud/networking expertise to build a mobile cloud for the enterprise.

Our innovation result is the Highway 9 Mobile Cloud — the first cloud-based approach to mobility and the only offering that meets an AI-driven enterprise’s core operational, performance and multi-carrier integration requirements.


Our Highway 9 leadership team has led business creation and customer enablement over many generations of cloud and networking innovation, from the early days of Ethernet and broadband Internet to the start of software-defined networking, and from hybrid clouds to multi-cloud. 

We are now focused on combining the massive potential of private mobile networks with the simplicity and agility of a cloud-native platform. 

Our Investors

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