Commercial Real Estate

Highway 9 Mobile Cloud enables commercial property owners to deliver great coverage and overcome the natural dead zones that often occur indoors. In today’s digital world, mobile coverage in commercial buildings is a utility as critical as power and water. Highway 9 Mobile Cloud enables owners to maintain a competitive property, ensuring a strong signal in both leased and shared spaces. And adding mobile network services like Internet and cloud access within a property is easy using the eSIM capabilities of the Highway 9 Mobile Cloud.

Strong indoor signals everywhere

Building materials often create a big challenge for cellular signals. Steel, concrete and new efficiency requirements for Low-E glass make it tough to get a strong signal inside many buildings. In dense urban areas, nearby structures often get in the way of tower transmissions while network capacity is pushed to its limits due to high population densities. Highway 9 Mobile Cloud enables strong mobile connectivity for any commercial property – from high rise towers to sprawling corporate campuses – driven by a cloud-based operating model from design to install to carrier turnup to operation.

Smart building operations

Highway 9 Mobile Cloud creates ubiquitous coverage and capacity throughput a building. It can create a virtual mobile zone (VMZ) for smart building components like lighting controls, HVAC, security cameras, access controls, EV chargers on parking floors, and IoT gear. A VMZ for critical communications can ensure essential building staff are always able to communicate during emergencies via applications like push-to-talk. Smart building applications can be connected to the Highway 9 Mobile Edge for local data offload and low latency services.

Mobile service offerings for tenants​

Today, most property owners provide Wi-Fi for connectivity in shared areas and require tenants to be responsible for their own connectivity within their private leased areas. Using the multi-tenant capabilities of Highway 9 Mobile Cloud, property owners can offer services like Internet access and cellular coverage even within tenant spaces with easy onboarding using eSIM QR codes – with no passcodes or captive portals required.