The Highway 9 Mobile Cloud can extend coverage of carrier voice, text messaging, data, enhanced 911 services and wireless emergency alerts across any indoor and/or outdoor environment where coverage lacks. It can solve coverage problems in densely populated buildings at the center of a metro area and across remote campuses which aren’t well covered today – all by extending the same distributed antenna system (DAS) or creating an alternative, all while providing the transparency and visibility needed by carrier performance teams. 

Ubiquitous coverage across any venue​

Highway 9 Mobile Cloud can be used across all types of venues including:

  • Enterprise and university campuses
  • Commercial real estate
  • Shopping malls
  • Industrial facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Utilities and energy sites

Deployment + coverage quality is expedited for any venue by combining Highway 9 Mobile Cloud automation with best-of-breed radio choices while integrating tightly into existing IT infrastructure.

Lower operational cost​

Highway 9 Mobile Cloud reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) of private mobile networks by dovetailing into existing IT systems and network infrastructure without the need to build out a parallel network or deploy additional fiber. Deployment is automated and can be achieved in days, making it the fastest and least expensive way to deploy a carrier cellular extension. ​ ​

DAS system augmentation or replacement ​

When refreshing an existing distributed antenna system (DAS), the Highway 9 Mobile Cloud can be leveraged to upgrade DAS infrastructure and avoid replacing it, while also tying it into enterprise IT systems. It can also extend DAS infrastructure to carriers whose participation lacks in a particular deployment through adding the Highway 9 private signal + gateway to an existing DAS. This provides a very fast way to cover large areas of a building or campus without doing a complete upgrade to a new DAS. ​