Campus-wide Coverage

Highway 9 Mobile Cloud empowers enterprise IT wireless teams to harness the benefits of cellular network technologies that previously were only available to large telecom carriers, coupled with the simplicity of cloud-native enterprise operations. It can optimize campus connectivity in terms of security, predictable performance, ubiquitous coverage (indoor/outdoor) and unparalleled reliability not available in other wireless technologies. With Highway 9 Mobile Cloud, uses can create virtual mobile zones (VMZ) that serve as overlays throughout a campus for ubiquitous voice coverage and emergency services across key carriers, as well as priority wireless for essential workers, continuous operations and IoT, security and surveillance scenarios.

Optimized carrier coverage 

Many phone calls in today’s hybrid offices start indoors with an employee BYO device and then fail due to a lack of coverage. Highway 9 Mobile Cloud can fill the gaps in carrier network coverage across offices and whole campuses while enhancing employee safety through extending carrier emergency services. Unlike Wi-Fi, it can also ensure executives and key work groups like onsite security always have connectivity, anywhere on campus, regardless of network traffic surges or outages. Additionally, Highway 9 Mobile Cloud can help cybersecurity teams protect from intellectual property theft over carrier data channels by deploying a virtual mobile zone to redirect traffic to a DLP engine or SaaS-based security services for inspection.

Converged IT & OT

Highway 9 Mobile Cloud allows the migration of operating technologies (OT) onto a common private mobile backbone that dovetails into existing IT policies and improves operational efficiency. OT deployments today create parallel networks using a sprawl of proprietary wireless technologies which interfere with each other and campus Wi-Fi, magnifying the burden on tech support as they are outside the purview of IT. Indoor and outdoor equipment including sensors, HVAC, lighting, pumps, door badges and remote surveillance cameras can be migrated to a virtual mobile zone (VMZ) on the Highway 9 Mobile Cloud to ensure they have reliable mobile connectivity and are easy to manage.

Infrastructure & policy integration​

Highway 9 Mobile Cloud enables simple cloud management for mobile networks and deep integration into key existing enterprise IT systems:


  • Enterprise directory services integration such as Azure AD and single sign-on (SSO) are preserved and reconciled with eSIM
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) system integration allows for eSIM and policy control over management devices
  • Network access control (NAC) integration remains prime for device and application access onboarding to the mobile network


Additionally, service insertion of Highway 9 Mobile Edge into existing firewall zones and its ability to leverage existing Ethernet fabrics for mobile access points makes Highway 9 Mobile Cloud the simplest choice for enterprise mobile network rollout.