As manufacturing, warehousing and other production-related industries are transformed through AI and automated operations – often called “Industry 4.0” – the wireless and wired networks they use to operate are coming under additional pressures. Autonomous vehicles and drones, as well as robotic manufacturing, require mobility and low latency for real-time control. And various AI-enhanced workloads require high-performance and always-on connectivity. Highway 9 Mobile Cloud is the only mobility solution that meets these performance and service resiliency requirements, provides automated operations, and dovetails into existing enterprise IT and network practices. ​

Automated machinery (vehicles, drones, robots) ​

Providing dependable wireless indoors and outdoors is always a challenge for environments like factories due to electro-magnetic interference, clutter and ever-changing floor plan layouts. Autonomous machinery require seamless mobility from indoors to outdoors. Using the Highway 9 Mobile Cloud, it is possible to build a resilient mobile network that avoids interference from existing Wi-Fi/Bluetooth networks and works in high noise factory environments. For drones and robotics using video feeds, low latency and high bandwidth is mandatory – and only available via a high-performance private mobile network. ​

Intelligent warehouses & logistics

Highway 9 Mobile Cloud, with its long-reach cellular network, can provide connectivity for entire warehouse + outdoor/parking lot locations without the need to trench for and deploy expensive ruggedized power over Ethernet (PoE) switches. Teams can keep track of indoor + outdoor assets and incoming supplies using an ecosystem of mobile equipment such as Zebra scanners and mobile devices using Android and IOS. Powerful mobile network radios can be used to cover entire warehouse with a smaller number of access points.​

Quality control & defect detection

AI-based quality control systems rely on cameras and sensors to collect visual data on a production line that is fed to a localized MEC server which runs an inference engine trained to find defects. Highway 9 Mobile Cloud provides a high-performing and low-latency mobile network that enables this quality control process to reliably operate, thus aiding in achieving higher defect detection. ​

Facilities & security automation ​

Highway 9 Mobile Cloud is an ideal solution for the expansion of outdoor coverage for surveillance and IoT. Its cloud-based mobile network extends coverage anywhere across a facility for core devices like badge readers and timecard machines. Remote security cameras can be connected easily and securely across distant parking lots and gates. Facilities teams can rely on an IT-operated Highway 9 Mobile Cloud for sensor and asset tracking – avoiding the need to create separate networks like Zigbee/Zwave which proliferate technology options and exacerbate the rogue Wi-Fi access point problem. ​