Mobile Cloud

Graphic depicting Mobile Services (SAS, SIM, AI, 5G, RAN), Mobile Edge, and Mobile Network.

Highway 9 Mobile Cloud simplifies and automates the deployment of private mobile networks for enterprise and campus environments. A secure cloud-native platform enables easier and faster rollout that seamlessly integrates all required components and greatly reduces complexity and errors.

The cloud-based deployment enables a software-defined on-boarding process that will enable your carrier extension, always-on data, and AI enterprise scenarios.

  • Ubiquitous coverage
  • Deep integration with enterprise IT + policies
  • Resilience/performance/priority for AI and critical apps
  • Integrated services stack
  • End-to-end visibility and control

Mobile Services

Highway 9 Networks' Mobile Services product: Virtual Mobile Zones, Carrier Cloud, eSIM, AI Ops & Telemetry, Spectrum, 360 Visibility, & Programmability.

Highway 9 Mobile Services enable an efficient, cloud-based delivery of an integrated set of mobile services with 360-degree visibility and programmability. Comprehensive dashboards and reports, along with a distributed configuration management model, enable network IT to confidently manage organization-wide mobile infrastructure with a familiar enterprise operating model.

Policy management services support mobile use cases across enterprise and campus environments with AI-Ops and deep integration with existing IT security policies and controls.

Key Capabilities

  • 360-degree visibility and control
  • IT/OT/telco single pane of glass 
  • Spectrum services
  • User-defined Virtual Mobile Zones
  • AI-Ops and telemetry services
  • SIM/eSIM services

Mobile Edge

Highway 9 Mobile Edge provides the control plane and user plane for private mobile networks and can be flexibly deployed on-premises within the enterprise or on a public cloud. Mobile Edge powers mobile use cases through deep visibility and integration across the enterprise network.

Key Capabilities

  • Distributed, scale-out 4G/5G packet cores
  • Carrier extension services for in-building coverage
  • Tight integration with enterprise IT and telco operators
Diagram of Highway 9 Network's Mobile Edge product with MOCN GW and Private Core.

Mobile Network

Logo of Highway 9 Networks with icons representing different Mobile. Network services.

Highway 9 Mobile Network enables a next-generation mobile network, fully integrated into your existing network architecture. This reduces the need for costly integration exercises and leverages the mobile cloud for an enhanced delivery model.

Key Capabilities

  • Pre-integrated solution that leverages best-in-class LTE/5G RAN, CPE, eSIM.
  • Deep integration with AI-driven intelligent machines and an ecosystem of networking and security vendor partners.
  • Integrated visibility to clients and radios for bootstrap configuration and Day 2 operations + KPIs.

Virtual Mobile Zones​

Virtual Mobility Zones (VMZ), a core capability in Highway 9 Mobile Services, allows the creation of private segments in virtual mobile networks with user/group segmentation, application isolation and quality of service enforcement. This extends and applies enterprise IT security policies and controls to mobile users. A VMZ enables organizations to leverage a private mobile network while limiting the network attack surface and maintaining enterprise security/regulatory compliance.

Key Capabilities

  • Extension of enterprise network segments to the mobile edge
  • Enterprise-grade programmability and integration (DHCP, DNS, VLAN/VXLANs, etc.)
  • Extension of firewall and access control policy to campus zones
  • Mapping of devices to use cases and zones
A graphic displaying devices in a green color representing Virtual Mobile Zone.